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Uniform Guidelines


Coronado Middle School

Uniform Guidelines


Dress and Appearance

Coronado students wear uniforms.  Below describes the uniform as well as forbidden items. If a student is out of uniform, the student will call a parent to bring a change of clothes or will be placed in ISS. If a student continues to be out of uniform or not wearing their ID, that student can receive a mandatory Parent Conference or OSS. Only students new to the district will have a grace period before they need to be in uniform.


The uniform:

Shirts: Solid black or white Polo style shirts only! Solid black or white turtleneck worn under polo shirt or sweatshirt.  (Turtleneck must be tucked in). Undershirts solid black or white with no prints may be worn under the polo shirt and must be tucked in.

Sweater: Solid white or black. You must wear a polo shirt with collar showing or a turtleneck under the sweatshirt

Vest: Solid black or white

Belts:  Solid black, white or brown

Pants: Solid black or Khaki, Pants should fit snug at the waist (NO SAGGING), Pants should have only 2- 4 pockets

Shorts and Skirts: Solid black or khaki, the edge of the shorts or skirt CANNOT be higher than 4 inches from knee.

Coats and Jackets: All coats and jackets must be left in the lockers at the beginning of the day. No hooded jackets in any color can be worn during the day.


Shorts may be worn during the district-mandated months of: August/September/April/May/June   ONLY!


Shoes: No flip-flops of any kind No house slippers of any kind

        *** No Leggings or Jeggings---- No neon or multi-colored socks***

***NO jeans, cargo (no strings), pants or sweatpants of any kind are allowed***


ID Badges

In order to ensure all students are safe in our building it is required that all students have an ID badge on and visible throughout the school day. Students who do not have their ID will receive a consequence. The consequences increase in severity as the offense is repeated. 1. A verbal warning, 2.A 30 minute detention, 3.A 2 hour detention, 4.A day in ISS.

Students who receive a consequence but do not serve will then be moved to a stricter repercussion. For example, if a student receives a 30 minute detention for not having his/her ID for the second time and does not serve the detention, they will then have to serve a 2 hour detention. Parents will be notified of the detentions as they are assigned.